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Refrigerator Dryer Common Faults and Treatments

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Compressed air is one of the indispensable powers in modern industrial production, which greatly improves production efficiency and production quality. If the compressed air contains water, oil, dust particles and other impurities, it will directly affect the quality of products and business economic benefits. Therefore, air drying equipment is very important. The following is a list of common faults and remedies for freeze dryers by Rongrui Tong Xiaobian.
    (I) Failure of the refrigeration system
    1, expansion valve plug
    a. Fault condition: The sight glass does not flow, the outlet of the expansion valve is frosted and frosted, and the high pressure tube is hot or high pressure.
    b. Cause of the malfunction: Dirty, blocked ice, temperature-sensitive capillary breakage
    c. Treatment method:
    1Adjust the expansion valve superheat;
    2 to improve the temperature of the package superheat, increase Ps pressure;
    3 Increase the high pressure pressure, close the hot gas bypass valve, and perform dirty shock blocking.
    2, dryer filter clogging
    a. Fault condition: The temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the dry filter is large, or the frost exit occurs at the outlet of the filter.
    b. Treatment method: Replace the dry filter
    Note: When the system is clogged and the equipment is running at no-load, the high and low pressure values ??may be within the normal range; when the load is running, high pressure is high and even high-voltage trips.
    3, compressor failure
    a. Failure causes: motor burnout, liquid strike, other mechanical failure;
    b. Processing method:
    1 Measure the motor resistance to determine;
    Three-phase motor; ROA=ROB=ROC
    Two-phase motor; ROA = ROB + ROC (ROB = ROA + ROC) (ROC = ROA + ROB)
    2 check the compressor with the capacitance of the situation;
    Capacitance detection method: The multimeter's gear is adjusted to the maximum range (200MΩ or more). Both probes are connected to both ends of the capacitor. Whether it is an electronic or analog multimeter, the displayed values ??are very small instantaneously, and then slowly increase. . The larger the capacity of the capacitor, the slower it increases. If the measured capacitance value is 0 or ∞ and there is no change, it can be judged that the capacitor has leaked or punctured.
    3 Observe whether the compressor has any movement (or abnormal noise) after starting the machine. If the hand feels hot in the middle of the compressor, check if the compressor is locked. If necessary, use a rubber mallet or a small wooden stick to hit the middle of the compressor. Turn on the compressor to see if it is moving.
    4, fluorine leakage in the refrigeration system
    a. Symptoms: The temperature of the compressor and the high pressure tube is too high, and the high and low pressures appear to be in a low state. If the fluorine is severely leaked, it will cause a low pressure alarm.
    B: Processing steps: leaks must be checked, and fluoride should be re-commissioned.
(B) Air System Failure
    1, the air system in the equipment import and export pressure drop
    a. The ice inside the evaporator is blocked, the evaporation pressure is low; Adjust the evaporation pressure above 0.4MPa;
    b. The vapor separator filter fails;
    c. Compressed air pre-filter filter failure;
    d. Damage to the air pressure gauge;
    e. Drainage system is seriously leaking
    2, poor air system water removal
    a. The inlet pressure of the compressed air is seriously low;
    b. Drainage system is not drained, and electronic drainer time setting is short;
    c. Float drain is dirty and manual draining is not timely.
    (III) Electrical System Failure
    1, high and low pressure switch open circuit
    Treatment method: Manually reset and check the cooling system.
    2, thermal relay open circuit
    Treatment method: check the thermal relay current direction, and check the actual current value.
    3, compressor protection module jump
    Processing method: Press the manual reset button to reset, and wait for the boot time, check the control circuit according to the electrical schematic.
    4, start jump air switch
    a. Check the circuit for short circuit or poor contact resulting in lack of phase phenomenon;
    b. Check the electromagnetic contactor;
    c. measuring the actual operating current value;
    d. Check the compressor motor resistance and determine if the compressor is operating.
    5, control system fuse blown
    a. Check the electronic drain coil resistance;
    b. Check the short circuit location according to the schematic of the control system.
    6, connected to the power supply compressor does not run
    Treatment method: Check the phase sequence of the power supply and check the schematic.
    (d) Drainage system failure
    1. Ice blocking at the outlet: Adjust the evaporation pressure to normal.
    2, float drain dirty plug: cleaning float drain.
    3, the electronic drain is not drained: check the electronic drain coil, and electrical schematics.
The importance of the drainage system: When the condensing water is removed from the cold and dry machine, it cannot be drained in time. The flow rate of air brings the condensate out of the dryer to the user's gas use point, bringing moisture to the gas source. Therefore, the user should often use the manual drain button ESC to drain, observe the drain time of the electronic drain, and reset the drain time.



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