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Cold storage refrigeration equipment cleaning sequence

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In every well-designed and well-installed refrigeration setup, the signs of electromechanical destruction caused by the damage of the built-in electromechanical insulation layer are less desirable. However, if there are high-temperature and high-pressure gases, residual septants, acidic materials, and decomposed lubricants in the installation Oil, its outcome (unless the employment valve or operating organization is initially damaged) will eventually cause damage to the built-in electromechanical.
The refrigerating system that damages the compressor due to electromechanical destruction cannot be recklessly cleaned. Otherwise, the built-in electromechanical system after the replacement will be destroyed again after the last time the electromechanical destruction was left in the setting of the remaining material.
Cold storage refrigeration equipment cleaning sequence
Such settings should be washed as follows:
1. Close the compressor shut-off valve and separate other departments and compressors. Remove the compressor without shut-off valve and install the replaced compressor.
2. Extract some lubricating oil sample from the replaced compressor and put it in a glass, so that it can be used as a comparison after the termination of washing employment.
3. Keep compressor and system isolation and vacuum the compressor, then open the compressor shut-off valve, close the liquid valve and other valves, so that the refrigerant secretion is minimized, and then empty the system, although in the process will Dirty parts enter the compressor, but the compressor does not become damaged in a short time. Such dirt can be cleared by dry filter.
4. Check the total control and switching devices, such as expansion valve, solenoid valve, safety valve, bypass valve, etc., if necessary, wash or change, remove or replace the total dry filter, the filter or filter mandatory Washing or changing. If the sight glass is ineffective, it should also be changed. The transmission power of the left card is set on the suction pipe to install acid to dry the filter, and install large capacity acid dry filter on the liquid pipe.
5. The sour intake of the suction pipe is dry and dry. The large capacity acid pick-up filter and the liquid pipe are forced to install. Both specifications are set by the capacity of the card.
6. Keep the compressor and the system in operation. The residual contaminants that will precipitate from the system will increase the pressure loss of the dry filter. Therefore, it is necessary to isolate the dry filter for a maximum of 4 hours to check the force drop of the dry filter to prevent measurement errors. In case of negligence, inspections should be carried out frequently. If the pressure drop outweighs the maximum in Figures 31 to 33, the associated dry-dry filter is changed.
7. After 48 hours of operation of the system, check the odor and color of the lubricating oil. If possible, determine the amount of acid contained in the lubricating oil using an acid analyzer. If the lubricating oil has a sour odor or the sight glass shows a higher moisture content. , you should change dry filter and lubricating oil again. The system forcibly repeats the above-mentioned demarcated inspection again after 48 hours of operation again. Yunyun repeats the operation and inspection until the lubricant is pure and odorless, and the color and the point obtained in the second upstream point The original oil sample is similar.
8. Replace the large-capacity dry filter on the liquid pipe with the normal one. The dry filter on the suction pipe should be destroyed. If the package continues to be used, install it from the head.
9. In order to ensure the success of the subsequent operations, the inspections shall be conducted two weeks after the washing operation is completed and the operation is set up again.


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